Counseling and Therapy Services in Huntsville, AL provided by Chris Depew, MA, ALC

Associate Licensed Counselor under the supervision of Kenneth Tannehill supervising counselor

Counseling in Huntsville, AL made for today.

What is Concierge Counseling?

Concierge counseling is for anyone that wants the most intensive and individualized access to a counselor you can obtain. This is like having a counselor on retainer. I am available when you need me, where you need me.

Why do I want Concierge Counseling?

A few of the reasons that you might want concierge counseling are listed below.

  • You pick the location (my private office or elsewhere) so you can maintain ultimate confidentiality
  • No waiting rooms
  • Discreet payment processing for Credit Cards
  • Private phone number directly to Counselor Call or Text
  • Same Day or Next Day appointments - even after hours or weekends
  • No need for insurance or other third parties
  • Extended session times (full 60 minute vs. 50 minute)
  • Session Length Grace - Need more time this session, no problem.


In order to provide an exclusive level of care I am limiting the number of members per month to six.

I have two payment options for my Members:

Two payments per month: $337.50

One Payment per Month: $600

Contact me today to ask questions or to sign up. I look forward to speaking with you.


Chris Depew, MA, LPC | 116 Jefferson St. S Suite 208 Huntsville, AL 35801