Counseling and Therapy Services in Huntsville, AL provided by Chris Depew, MA, ALC

Associate Licensed Counselor under the supervision of Kenneth Tannehill supervising counselor

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In addition to my one on one client work, I provide a wide range of consulting services. Below I have broken them down in sections depending on who is looking for a consultant. 

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs

I can provide a range of services to alcohol and drug treatment programs. I can help develop a a treatment program that meets the goals of the center, I can help train employees, and I can also provide ongoing consolation and oversight of a program to make sure that individuals are finding success in your program. 

Corporations and Small Business

An office environment is a living and breathing being. It has emotions and feelings just like any human would. How the environment is managed and maintained will have a great impact on how your employees behave inside it. Managers who want to create an environment where employees do their best work will often times have someone come in that understands human behavior and see what they could be doing to improve drive, efficiency, and harmony. In doing this I find that office drama goes down and employees feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves. 

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