Counseling and Therapy Services in Huntsville, AL provided by Chris Depew, MA, ALC

Associate Licensed Counselor under the supervision of Kenneth Tannehill supervising counselor

Counseling in Huntsville, AL made for today.

Hello, below is some information about how my practice operates. If you have any questions about this at all please give me a call and I will be more than happy to answer them.

Most of the time your insurance will cover the costs of counseling with me and you will only be responsible for a co-pay. Please contact me to find out if I can bill your insurance or EAP. Thanks so much.

If you think I would be a great fit as a therapist for you, I want you to call and talk to me regardless of your ability to pay my full fee. Lets talk about your needs and see what solutions we can come up with.

Please call me for my current rates.

Payment methods - Check, Cash, Credit Card, Health Savings Account, Flexible Spending Accounts

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